Do your misaligned teeth bother you? Do they affect your social and personal life?

Fastbraces® may be the answer.

Straighten teeth in just 45-152 days!

Fastbraces® technology is an original, fast, and safe braces system.

The inspiration for Fastbraces® was the recognition of patient’s desires for a braces treatment that could be finished in a short period of time.

Conventional braces did not allow this to be done without risks.

The Fastbraces® system was developed — straightening teeth differently than the conventional braces – providing a fast, safe, and affordable solution.

Since the first set of Fastbraces® was manufactured in 1992, thousands of patients have benefited from this braces system.

Fastbraces® have proven, time after time, that you can have straightened teeth fast, using braces that are comfortable, safe, and affordable.

Advantages of Fastbraces® over Conventional Braces


Fastbraces® don’t need a long time to see results. Most people will wear Fastbraces® for just a few months.

Many young people don’t like the discomfort and embarrassment that come with conventional braces, but Fastbraces® mean that braces don’t have to worn for too long.

And since fewer adjustments are required, patients require fewer visits to the dentist.


Wearing braces for a shorter period of time offers many social and aesthetic benefits, but the shortened duration has practical advantages, too.

When wearing braces it is often difficult to clean teeth properly.

But if food particles aren’t properly removed from between the brackets and wires, tooth decay or even periodontal disease can occur.

These problems can eventually require a general dentist to perform restorative treatments like dental fillings or even crowns.

Since Fastbraces® are worn for a shorter time, patients have full access to their mouths quicker.

Because of this, you can continue to take care of your teeth and gums, consequently preventing tooth decay and cavities.

More Comfortable

Conventional braces can be quite uncomfortable, but Fastbraces® reduce much of the discomfort that is associated with orthodontic procedures.

Fastbraces® are lighter and much more flexible. They allow gentle, simultaneous movement of the crown and root. That means a lot less friction and pain.

The Fastbraces® system is also designed to eliminate the need for tooth extractions, which increase discomfort and the cost of orthodontic treatment.

The Fastbraces® Process

fastbraces before and after buderim

The basic difference between conventional brace systems and Fastbraces® lies in complete tooth movement. Traditional braces tend to move the crown, then secondly, they move the root.

While this staggered technique works and has done so for years, it can be time-consuming; it usually takes around a year for each stage of movement to be completed.

Fastbraces® can improve treatment times to half of this because they focus on both areas simultaneously.

The ability to do this comes from basic mechanical qualities. Fastbraces® use an ‘elbow’ design in the brackets, and a uniquely shaped wire which works together with the brackets to apply forces on the root and crown simultaneously.

Brackets influence the flexibility of the wire on a brace, and this has an impact on how much movement a wire can impart to teeth.

Conventional brackets are square and close to each other, which means there is a limit in the force the wire applies.

With Fastbraces®, the triangular shaped brackets with an elevated slot allow for more space between each bracket, enabling greater wire flexibility.

This means you can achieve the smile of your dreams in far less time.

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